Books for the entire life

Obsessive Genius by Barbara Goldsmith

This is one of those books that you can easily read 20 pages every night or even more can it's really easy-to-go.

It's a book split in short chapters that explain the vicisitudes of a brilliant human being that discovered the radium and polonium elements even though when she started university at 24 in a country different to the one that saw her born.

An example of determination and perseverance to reach a goal that changed dramatically the way humans were observing science.

I discovered the book thanks to this mind blowing interview and right after finished it I knew I need it to have book and I don't regret it.

This is not a book that went into the trenches of physics or chemestry, you won't see any technical formulation whatsoever. Hence, it's not a technical book but rather, a well written book about the inner world of a woman scientist that battle up with all her strength to achieve as much as she could in aim to cure cancer, even though radium it's not beind used anymore for that purpose.

It's a book that will let you know all the big names in science over that time and how those names were related to Marie Curie in either or other way. It enlighten you about the relationship between Marie and Pierre which it was so unique from my perspective.

I highly recommend this book to be read in english, Barbara Goldsmith made a great job to write the book at a level that everybody can understand it. I loved the simplistic way she use to explain things but at the same time quite profound.

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