Who I am?

My name is Kiara Navarro and I carry over my shoulders an undergraduate degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering.

Over the past years I had the opportunity to work and colaborate with leadership companies in Panama especialized in software engineering and seismology with various real life applications involving different roles.
After finishing my bachelor, I was looking for new challenges. So, I decided to make something different: I moved to Volcán, a little town placed in the highlands of one of the best countries in centroamerica to live in: Panama.
Being there I became Project Manager and Electronic Engineer Developer of the first technologic and hardware panamanian project exposed on Kickstarter, Raspberry Shake. Given me such great experience in the embedded field.

When I am not developing low-level systems on electronics or websites I enjoy traveling, work-out, running, cooking, hiking, reading and contributing to open source software and hardware projects.

Learning is a natural habit on me and I have used it to achieve my dreams and I am still practicing it until my heart stop beating.

I do really love what I am doing now which is focusing in Internet of Things applications using embedded systems and web development.
Nowdays, a hardware engineer does needs to know not only about how the physical world interacts with hardware but with software as well. Then, my aim is to keep improving my skills in the area that combines both software and hardware which is the big and interesting world of Internet of Things.

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Being part of Raspberry Shake

Raspberry Shake it is a circuit board that can work with the Rasperry Pi platform and allow you to sense earthquake movements. It is a project that have been develop in Panama with a great professional team in several areas. I must say that it has became in one of my favorites projects.

A freelance Embedded Hardware Engineer

I have acquired a diverse skills in Embedded Systems using Linux / GNU over ARM, MIPS, x86, and PowerPC arquitectures. If you would like to start a project that requires a customization of the OS, or if you are needing someone to guide you through the process just contact me. :D I would love to hear your project and see what we can do together.

I am a traveler

When I was a teenager I won the first place to be at Ruta Quetzal. The gear of the program, Miguel de la Quadra Salcedo, taught me that there is no need to complaint about life if you are healthy and opened up my eyes to see that there are no physical boundaries to explore and go beyond. Since then, I discovered that I am a traveler. ¡Thanks Miguel! There are people that save money to buy their fancy clothes, or to get that house of their dreams... I invest my money to buy the best memories.

Activities and fields that I care about

  • Embedded Systems

    Embedded Systems is literally: insane. Just think about how the hardware talks with the software? Create, design, analize and deploy systems in several arquitectures is not an easy task, but the knowledge extracted through the whole experience makes you more valuable as a professional.

  • Electronics

    As I always say, everything can be seen as an interaction between charges. Electronics is everywhere and is so really fun because you can create almost everything. I feel happy each time when I teach people how electronics can be applied on the daily basics.

  • Travels

    At early ages I begun travel around the world. This is my second passion. I really love being in differents contries, meeting people and learning from their culture. The intercultural change is vital for me. I have visited several countries doing the things that I like most. It is that freaking awesome, isn't it?

  • Literature

    During my high school years I started reading books of various literary genres. When university came into my life, I changed the topics towards those technical to gain more knowledge in my career. Now, I turned into a diverse reader.

  • Languages

    The beauty about languages is that you could express a main idea in many differents ways and every language have their spark. Currently I speak Spanish, English and Portuguese.

  • Sports

    Not so long, I discovered my interest in sports. It is a discipline that requires organization and perseverance. No Pain No Gain. I enjoy my running times. However, in less than two years I will improve my climb skills, to be at Everest Base Camp.

Get in touch

Feel free to contact me through any of the platforms below.